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1801 Foxhall Road, NW
Washington, DC
General Data
Initial lot size: 17.3 Acres (approx.)
School Parcel: approx. 7.72 Ac.
Open Space: approx. 1.53 Ac.
Residential Parcel: approx. 8.05 Ac.
Total Grade Change: approx. 100’

Access - School Parcel
New signalized entrance approx. 700’ south of the current Foxhall Rd./ Whitehaven Prkwy intersection.
Foxhall Rd. modified to provide a designated left turn lane for southbound traffic turning into school.
Single ingress lane to loop road. Loop road is convertible to two lane/one-way road during drop-off and pick-up periods. Loop road is 1175’ long from point of first on-site intersection to nearest drop-off point.
Egress is a two-lane one way road. The loop road can accomodate up to 94 cars. From drop-off to signalized intersection is approximately 450’, which would allow for an additional queue of 36 cars.
Ingress queue: 94 cars
Egress queue: 24 cars + 12 @ drop-off
During off peak hours, the loop road is single lane with approximately 47 parallel parking spaces.
Open Space: Pedestrian Access only

Proposed Infrastructure
Total Buildings: 175,240 GSF. Square footage assigned is generically designated at this point to cover the greatest variety of potential programs. There is no final design but just assigned volume that will cover as many bases as could be foreseen at this time.
Administration Building: 6,300 GSF on three floors
Middle School: 27,820 GSF on three floors
High School: 92,280 GSF on three floors plus basement
Gymnasium: 24,840 GSF on two floors
Bleacher seating for 280
Performing Arts Center: 24,000 GSF on three floors
450 seats
Soccer Field
Roughly 500 bleacher seats

School Parking
Loop road parallel parking spaces: 47 spaces
170 spaces in garage
Total onsite parking: 217 spaces
Large events would use other St. Patrick's controlled parking spaces or elementary school campus, or other designated spaces.

Residential Fact Sheet
Friends of St. Patrick’s
1801 Foxhall Road, NW
Washington, DC
The new community will be developed by Elm Street Development and Michael Harris Development, Inc.

The goal for the new community is to create a neighborhood that is a logical extension of and complementary to the existing homes and neighborhoods in the area. The plans include a number of features to help achieve the goal.

The lots on average are almost twice as large as the required minimum lot size in the R-1-B Zone District. Specifically, the lot sizes range from 7630 to 18,540 square feet with an average of about 9900 square feet and are similar in size to the lots in the existing neighboring communities. Colony Hill lots are approximately 8,500 square feet. Proposed new lots are almost 10,000 square feet.

The lots are also designed and organized to preserve the existing landform and minimize grading to the extent possible. This allows for retention of many of the existing trees and retaining walls that exist on the site today.

All of the homes will be required to comply with a set of architectural controls and guidelines. The purpose of the guidelines is to maintain an architectural quality and continuity between the new neighborhood and the already established, existing communities in the area. This encourages the overall sense of neighborhood and community and enhances the overall value of the larger community.

Going forward as the design plans are further developed and refined, Elm Street Development will make minor adjustments to the design, including lot sizes and configurations, grading, tree preservation, etc.
Residential Facts
Existing Site: 8.05 Acres
Bordered by Parkland on two sides: Glover Archbold to East, Whitehaven Park to North
Bordered by Hoban Road on South
Bordered by the School soccer field and Natural Protection Area to West
Original house site retaining walls preserved

Existing Trees - Entire Property
Over 50% of mature, healthy trees (18” D and above) anticipated to be preserved

New Development
8.05 Acres
Zoned R-1-B (50’ lot width minimum, 5000SF lot size minimum)
28 house sites: 9 MOR (matter of right), 19 Theoretical lots
Proposed lots: Smallest lot: 7,630 SF, Largest lot: 18,540 SF
Average lot is 9,935 SF (by comparison, average Colony Hill lot size is around 8500 SF)
Original retaining walls and house site retained and reused
Green areas set aside (base of retaining walls, conifer grove, sycamore area at the new 45th street entrance to the development)
Primary streets are 2-way with additional one side parking
Sidewalks are provided on ay least one side of all streets.
Access points to the National Park Areas will be provided at several points within the development
The green open areas, Park access, sidewalks and streets will be open to public access
Projected start construction, pending BZA approval, is 2007
Existing Brady estate driveway and field area for construction staging (no construction traffic on Hoban)
Traffic calming measures such as restricted turns into Colony Hill and possible additional stop signs within the existing neighborhood have been proposed.

New Houses
Average house is 4-5,000 SF (2200 footprint, minus 2 car garage)
Average Price point for houses starting at 2.5 million in 2005 market
Traditional architecture
CCRs and landscape guidelines
Maximum height is zoning required 40’
Houses on Hoban Road have no driveways along Hoban Road; access from rear

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Friends of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School LLC (“FOSP”) is a private, limited liability corporation which was formed to purchase the property at 1801 Foxhall Road, N.W. in order to donate it to the Vestry of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Parish (“Parish”) for the purpose of building a middle school/high school campus for St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School (“School”).  FOSP has donated approximately one-half of the property to the Parish and intends to sell the remainder to a for-profit developer for the construction of a residential development.  Neither the Parish nor the School are members of the FOSP and neither have any control, direct or indirect, over the FOSP or the construction of the residential development.